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For most of us, the biggest struggle with getting fit and exercising is not only getting started with a regular routine, but sticking to it.

So many events crop up in our lives that we put our own health and fitness to the back of the priority list. But good health isn't a luxury, it's not a nice to have, it is a necessity! 

Particularly those of us who've had children, our core and pelvic floor muscles are very often neglected, which can cause issues like lower back, hip and knee aches and pains, soft mid section, occasional leaking, or needing to go to the toilet regularly. 

I see a lot of friends, relatives and women in my community suffer with this and just accept that's what things are like after having kids. Can I please tell you now it does not need to be that way. You most likely do not need anything drastic to repair the damage. You need a full body program that has particular focus on your core. 

You may actually have a good level of cardiovascular fitness, but might still neglect your deep core muscles and overall strength training, which will still lead to these back, knee, hip niggles and leaking.

I am a qualified personal trainer, nutrition coach with additional qualifications in core strength. I do regular free workout videos and Instagram lives. But just from those I know I'm unable to help you and give you the one to one support you need to: 

1) start the correct routine 

2) work the right muscles 

3) do the best exercises 

4) check your form when you're doing these exercises 

and finally 5) support you to make sure you are sticking with the exercises and routine. 

I have created a brilliant 12 week program in my personalised app that I am launching in April.

  • 4 month workout program
  • Customised to your goals
  • Your own dedicated app profile
  • Fortnightly one-to-one with me 
  • Weekly check in with me 
  • Accountability - two-way in-app messaging service
  • Exercise video tutorials 
  • Track your personal progress 
  • Habit and nutrition goals and tracking. 

You can find out about it here

However, if you would like to work with me purely one-to-one without the app program. I can do that too, either online, or if you live locally (near Cheltenham, Worcester, Stratford Upon Avon) you can come to my gym studio near Broadway/Evesham. 

I charge £35 for 50 minutes or £200 for six sessions booked in a block

You will get a free resistance band and exercise towel at your first appointment. The initial consultation over zoom is also free

If you are interested in working one to one with me, please fill out this form and I'll get in touch with you.