Mama Life Lifted Club

Find a selection of On-Demand workouts here - HIIT, resistance, weight, core and stretch exercises for you to choose from and plan into your personal calendar in my fitness app.

The HIIT and resistance training workouts vary in work and rest time with ratios from 30 seconds work / 30 seconds rest to 45 seconds work / 15 seconds rest for HIIT and 50 seconds work / 10 seconds rest for resistance training.
HIIT is mostly body weight with a variation of exercises that will get your heart rate up and give you short amounts of time to recover. HIIT is fantastic for helping with fat burning, and if you get your heart rate up for long enough (12 or more minutes) you body will continue to burn fat for up to 24 hours after you have finished your workout.
It is also brilliant in terms of improving your fitness and working on your ability to recover.

The resistance training exercises vary from body weight, mini bands for legs, heavier dumbbells (2kg to 6kg or more - depending on your level), and light weight for arms (1kg). You will be surprised how much the light weights burn! They sound like nothing, but believe me, the combinations I do and the time you have to do them for will humble you and give you a real BURN!

Every other Tuesday there will be a LIVE group HIIT workout in the morning at 6.30am.
The other Tuesday there will be a LIVE group HIIT workout at 6.30pm in the evening.

There is a two-way messaging service so I can message you when I have seen you've worked out, and you can message me with any questions.

You will also be added to the Mama Life Lifted group where I can send everyone in the On-Demand group updates, any urgent information, tips, motivation, recipe ideas etc.

If you want to join, it is £39 a month and starts as soon as you make your first payment. To find out more or to join the Mama Life Lifted Club, click here.