This week the sun finally came out and we were hit with a heat wave. Instead of getting excited about nights on the sofa my mind turned to summer evenings out drinking G&T. 

The last few years have proven that the statement tee is more than a fashion fad it is here to stay. So what better way to express your feelings on a night out than styling up your favourite slogan t-shirt. 

In this latest Mama Life London YouTube video I give you some inspiration on ways to style your graphic tee for an evening out, going beyond the obvious t-shirt and jeans. Get plenty of ideas on what to wear to take your t-shirt from casual to funky. 

A t-shirt is a great way to ground your outfit so you don’t feel too over dressed, but if you want to give it a cool night time vibe you can learn some quick styling and accessory tips in this video to make your t-shirt game strong.